What we do


Choosing a builder and obtaining a quote

Why bother with the time and hassle of going to all of those different builders, dealing with a variety of sales people all telling you different stories… after all they are working for the builder and not you !

At BUILD n DEVELOP we work for you… not the builder …

We can negotiate with the builders on your behalf at no extra cost to you

The builder’s specification, price and quality are all examined prior to selecting the builder.

We like to think of ourselves as the conduit between you and your builder to ensure you get what you pay for without the nasty surprises along the way.

Use our extensive knowledge of the building industry to your advantage, we guarantee it will result in savings to you in both time and $$$$.

Our price will always be less than what you will achieve in contacting a builder direct ….

If you have already obtained a price we welcome the opportunity to better your most competitive quote…

No matter what you are building or developing… give us your wish list and our experienced design team will work with you to achieve your desired outcome. You will receive invaluable advice in regard to current trends, R-Codes and town planning to achieve the highest and best use for your investment… You will also own your plans (not the builder or broker)

Planning approval
This is a complex process of complying with the R-Codes and local town planning schemes. Our inherent knowledge of Western Australian Planning Commission and Local Council requirements can assist in ensuring your planning application has every chance of success.

Surveyors & Engineers
You will require a contour survey if building or renovating, you may also require soil reports and structural engineering throughout the process. We can save you some time by arranging this on your behalf.

Pre-building contract to completion
Support through the whole building process is what you can expect from BUILD n DEVELOP … not be left to the builder once the contract has been signed.

It is important to us that we attend pre-start and contract signing meetings in the builder’s office to ensure your interests are being protected.

Just a phone call away to assist when you need us right the way thru the process till your building is completed and you are handed the keys.

Project Management
It you don’t have the time… work away… or do not live near the property… BUILD n DEVELOP can oversee the whole process for you from contract signup till completion…

Lock up Product
BUILD n DEVELOP client’s have already saved $$$ thousands with this strategy…

Are you looking for a builder to build the shell and you finish off the internals yourself…

Maybe you are a tradesman or have friends or family who can give you fantastic rates that you would like to make the most from…

Most builders don’t offer this product…

BUILD n DEVELOP have the contacts with the builders who will…
Let this work to your advantage and contact us to discuss further.

Buying a property
We have the resources within our company to assist you in purchasing a property that meets with your criteria…

Having our own in house real estate agency (The Market Place Realty) our real estate sales consultants can supply you sales evidence and statistics on areas of interest, source properties for you to view, write contracts with suitable legal
conditions to protect your interests.

We also work in conjunction with other real estate agents in finding the right property.

Looking at buying a development site… will your venture be profitable… we understand it all comes down to numbers…

Let us assist you in having a look at your site, residential, commercial, rural , we can provide you with some building options, approx cost to build and supply sales evidence as to price expectations if you wish to sell or lease the finished product.

If you haven’t found the right property, we see the new listings as soon as they come onto the market, we can assist you in finding the right property.

Sales & Property Management
In house professional real estate sales (buying or selling) and property management is at your disposal if you require it … ( some people have their own preferred real estate agent and that is fine too ) … we are able to offer a unique and complete service to all of our clients.

Up to date market information, current trends, realistic and up to date sales
and rental figures and reports.

Finance & Property Settlements
With access to a vast array of financial institutions we can recommend a
professional mortgage broker who can tailor make your loan to suit your needs
and circumstances. Our affiliate settlement agents will ensure your legal
documents relating to your purchase, sale or sub-divisional proceed efficiently.

Migration Agents
Living oversea’s and looking to invest in Australian property ?
We work closely with local migration agents to ensure the process of obtaining the correct visa and provide support and guidance for investors looking to buy and develop property in Australia.

Trade recommendations
Daily involvement in the building industry means BUILD n DEVELOP come in contact with all types of trades and suppliers… We only recommend quality and valued added in terms of price… It will be our pleasure to pass these benefits on to you !