the renovators advantage !
Saving you time & money…

Case scenario:
You’ve decided to renovate. The family is outgrowing the home, it is a little outdated and you need some extra space.

You have an idea of what you would like to change but not sure how to go about it…don’t really have the time or expertise to do it yourself.

  • How much will it all cost?
  • Major structural changes?
  • How long will it all take to complete?
  • Will you need to move out, if so how long for?

Many questions that need honest answers…

Whatever your situation BUILD n DEVELOP is your solution!

Residential, commercial & industrial renovations…

Benefits to you …

FREE Onsite meeting
You need some good advice from the start… Is your project feasible, what can and can’t be done. Meeting at your property will give us and the builder the opportunity to view and discuss what you are hoping to achieve and give you some options and valuable feedback…

The “wish list” frequently goes over budget… We will give you a realistic assessment of what can be achieved.

If we believe the job can be done below your budget we will strive to achieve it for you…

If your budget is not going to pay for what you desire we will be up front in telling you that also…

There can be $ 10,000’s to $ 100,000’s – hundreds of thousands of dollars difference between builders quoting on the same set of plans.

Actual example ;

  • Our client – wanting to renovate their 1960’s home.
  • 3 builders had quoted prior to calling our company
  • Prices varied from $ 500,000, $ 400,000 & $ 333,000 for the same job
  • BUILD n DEVELOP was able to obtain a price of $ 280,000…

Design – our designers will visit you on-site to discuss your proposed renovations and work closely with you thru-out the design process till the desired outcome is achieved. You will own the copyright.


Price, quality, time frames, feedback, honesty, knowing they will be still be in business at the end…

These are all important factors for us in choosing a builder for you and your asset. BUILD n DEVELOP maintain close contact with the builder and our clients thru-out the building process.

Often a time consuming process which we are happy to undertake on your behalf.

We will be there till the end ! Communication is paramount as far as we are concerned, if we need to be there with you and the builder on site to sort out an issue then we will be there.