Property syndicates

Syndicated Development Projects

Are you keen to invest in property but not ready to go it alone?

A Property Syndicate is a group of like-minded people who wish to invest in property.

Participating in a “low risk” syndicated investment with other parties could earn you a healthy profit.

BUILD n DEVELOP are constantly evaluating potential sites on behalf of our clients.

It’s all about the numbers and what returns are on offer…

We are constantly looking for viable sites – those where our feasibility studies show that a development project should yield between 15-25% return based upon the projects value or approximately 100% ROI (return on investment).

When a promising property is sourced, we appoint leading accountants and solicitors to set up the structure of the syndicated development group.

BUILD n DEVELOP then project manage the development from start to finish.

Advantages of entering into a syndicated project include:

  • Increased ability to achieve profits
  • Ability to commence your property investment journey sooner rather than later
  • Ability to extend your investment portfolio, even if your borrowing power is limited or you don’t meet bank criteria
  • A great risk management strategy, as risk is shared or reduced
  • Depending on how big and how fast you want to build a portfolio, joining a Property Syndicate will help you achieve your end result much sooner than you can imagine.

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