2 Singles Plus 1 Double – Innaloo

Triplex Development at 113 Odin Road INNALOO
Two single storey homes and one double storey

The site was a little challenging on space so we decided to develop 2 single storey and one double to maximise lot yield.
The shire were consulted by Build N Develop during the process to make application a breeze.

We had a panel of builders that the job was presented to on behalf of a property group.

Excellent pricing was achieved and a builder appointed.

There were a few hiccups on the way but Build n Develop were there every step of the way to iron them out.

Another example of how easy this can be when dealing with

Build n Develop…professionals who not only have good working relationships with the builder’s but are able to achieve fantastic pricing and the knowledge to confidently carry the project till it’s completion.