Home Design


We work with architects, designers, town planners, draftspeople…

Whatever the job, large or small…we have the professional expertise to handle all projects…

We provide them with business… they provide us with Extremely Competitive Rates…which we pass on to you …

VERY IMPORTANT – You will own the copyright of your design… Not the builder, architect or broker… YOU !

BUILD n DEVELOP we will show you how this can work in your favour – don’t let someone else put a © on “your” design. They own it not you. Unless you pay their price you can’t have it, you can’t use it.

Our team of designers will ensure this doesn’t happen to you…

Unlike builders and other building brokers we won’t hold you to ransom and own your copyright…If they want to put a © on it ask them why, they are not doing it for your benefit…

Give us your wish list and our experienced design team will work with you to achieve your desired outcome… You will receive invaluable advice in regard to;
– individual design
– floor plans, elevations
– site plans
– 3D elevations
– photo realistic image of your new home
– walk through technology
– single and multi dwellings
– land subdivisions
– how to achieve the highest and best use for your site
– unlimited revisions
– current trends
– R-Codes and town planning
– designing to your budget
– building to 6 star ratings
– efficiency ratings
– planning & design in bush fire prone areas
– WAPC & council approval applications

Feel free to give BUILD n DEVELOP a call to arrange a free consultation – we will help you own your thought’s & idea’s – your intellectual property…